Boston Shaker

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This 2 Piece Boston Shaker Set provides the basics for making perfect drinks at your next party, whether you are an old pro or a novice drink mixer. This set includes one 28 ounce Weighted Stainless Steel Flair Shaker tin and one Mixing Glass. This durable combo cocktail bartending set is an excellent addition to your home bar, bars, and restaurants. Also makes a perfect gift for bachelor, wedding, housewarming, or host gift. Build your drinks in the glass part of the shaker, putting the ice last. Always use fresh dry heavy cubes of ices and shake your cocktails to a slow count of ten for proper dilution.

This tool is an essential part of your home bar and for that cocktail corner you organize on your home party to make some impressive drinks for your best friends.

Material: Stainless steel, Glass. Dishwasher safe."


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