Our Story

Welcome to Your Home Bar, a business that has been brewing for some time! In 2009 I, Narek, discovered how many people yearned to craft and serve high-quality mixed drinks in their own homes. I had been bartending professionally in bars and restaurants, but a friend introduced me to the world of home bartending--providing bartender services for private parties hosted in people’s homes. The demand for that business grew, but as my schedule became crowded, a client who could not book my services asked me to bring already-mixed drinks to her party so that she could serve them herself. I left drink mixes with instructions about how to blend each with the right amount of ice to create perfect individual cocktails. I also loaned this client a blender, glassware, jiggers, and other tools, and the idea that she might like to have her own tools and glassware for her next party was born. 

We built our business to serve customers like that first one, and we are happy to help you create your own special cocktail corner. Your Home Bar provides the proper tools and glassware for making stylish, sensational cocktails, but we also share detailed explanations on how various tools work guidance on using proper glassware for each recipe, and explanations of liqueurs, liquors, fruits, and other ingredients used to craft exceptional mixed drinks. Choose from a selection of high-quality individual items, collections, and kits in order to make your own home bar the best spot in town. 


Narek & Moyra