Daiquiri Cocktail

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By Narek Hakobyan
“Simple and genious!”That’s how to describe this drink in two words.Here is the recipe for the world’s most famous rum cocktail:
Rich white rum  1  1/2oz
Fresh lime juice  3/4 oz
Simple syrup        3/4oz
Combine all of the ingredients in the cocktail shaker with fresh ice cubes and shake well for about ten or so seconds,strain into a 5 or 6 oz chilled coupe or martini glass.
“Daiquirí “ is a bay in Santigo de Cuba,Cuba and the Rum Sour named Daiquirí minutes later after its creation was accidentally invented at the very end of the nineteenth century by Jennings Cox,an American mining engineer working for The Spanish- American Iron Company established in Daiquiri .His idea was to carefully concoct something drinkable for the visiting him group of guests unfamiliar with rum and he tried to make a whiskey sour type of drink using white rum instead of whiskey which he hadn’t on hand.So he takes some sugar dissolved with some water ,the juice of fresh limes and white rum,shakes with ice and voila!It was a hit!Everybody loved it!His guest Giacomo Pagliuchi,an American army captain and an engineer,suggested to call the drink Daiquiri.Hours later the cocktail was introduced and ordered by the same partying group in the bar of the local American Club.In 1909 naval medical officer Lucius Johnson who personally had met Jennings Cox in Cuba introduced the Daiquirí  to the Army and Navy Club bar in Washington. It didn’t take too long the Daiquiri to become one of the most popular cocktails both in Cuba and US.Much before the Cuban revolution (1959)the Daiquirí already was an iconic drink of the island’s proud cocktail world and it is still one.The legendary Floridita bar in Havana ,named by Esquire magazine in 1953 as one of the world’s best bars ,is where the frozen version of the Daiquiri with addition of marraskhino liqueur was invented and where Ernest Hemingway once ordered one with no sugar and with double portion of rum ,which was improved by the bartender adding a squeeze of fresh grapefruit (that’s the Hemingway Daiquiri,also known as “Papa Doble”).Its sweetened version further was served in Floridita for the public and listed as “Daiquirí number 3”.Since then endless number of fruit flavored daiquiris were created .Through decades being treated very often with frivolity it has been presented to the public in many places as a fruit forward frozen drink with or without some booze in it but fortunately today’s highly competent bar world has changed the things and you can order the true daiquiri today almost in every bar or restaurant.
Now for the original recipe to use in your home bar ,first of all the rum,use always a rich white rum,like PLANTATION 3 or FOURSQUARE PROBITAS BLENDED RUM ,FLOR DE CAÑA 4 CRISTALINO,DOORLY’S 3,these are among our favorites.Using lighter style rum cut back a little on the lime and syrup trying the recipe below:
Fresh lime juice     1 oz
Simple syrup    1 oz
Shake with fresh ice and strain into a pre-chilled glass

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